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Your Therapists:

Diana – After years of suffering from intestinal problems herself, Diana always found relief and aid in the treatments of colonics. She has newfound passion and extreme compassion for those with the same existing needs. Her healing hands put her clients at ease and Diana knows how to make her clients feel comfortable during each session. She treats her clients with love and warmth and is conscious of helping those live a better life for mind, body and soul.

Nataya – Nataya has always had the gift of healing hands as well. Known as the “Tiny Girl with Strong Hands,” she has connected her talents for massage with the treatments of colonics. She is very warm and kindhearted and Nataya is just as compassionate and loving. You will absolutely love her!

Diana and Nataya bear true integrity, authenticity and genuine love for people. You will be in good hands.

Thank you for visiting Complete Trinity.